Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lord, where would you have us go!

Today we surveyed two different areas for future church planting work. One area was in the Sacred Valley in the town of Urubama. There are 8 pastors there that would like to reach outside their town into the surrounding villages to start new churches. The other will require a more extreme attitude as a team will hike in and then camp on the other side of the mountain from Cusco. I’ll actually go take a closer look at that village in July.

It would be a great place for future work but we probably won’t rehire our driver who thinks he is a descendent of the Petty family. Check out how fast we were going on this one-way road with a 200 foot drop off on the right. But you know when you are where God wants you to be there’s really not much to worry about, so we just sat back and enjoyed the theme park like ride.

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