Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our daily bread

Bread is a huge part of daily life in Peru. Most meals, especially breakfast and dinner, include bread of some sort. Now, my family is perfectly fine with this. We all love bread of many kids. Even outside of meals we’ll snack on cinnamon or chocolate bread. One major difference is the timing of the purchase of the bread, it’s daily…sometimes even by the meal. This is fresh in my mind as I walked one mile round trip both before breakfast and before dinner to buy the bread for the meal. So during my evening walk I began thinking about the implications of this…am I wasting time? Shouldn’t I just buy enough bread to last for a couple days? It would be much easier. I’d save time, we’d have bread when we wanted it, I wouldn’t have to walk so much. Oh, but then it wouldn’t be as fresh, I’d miss out on walking with my son who thinks going for the bread is an awesome event. I’d miss the opportunity to thank the Lord for this day’s bread. So in pondering my daily walks to the bread store, I think in many ways they’ve got it right here in Peru. We often get too busy, and in our prosperity we often overlook the Lord’s daily provision of our needs. Many times when we really want something, we ask where is the Lord? Did you have a meal today, how about yesterday? Then the Lord was there and you may or may not have acknowledged Him as providing for your daily needs. Hmm. So I’ll walk for bread, as many times as my family needs. I’ll hold my son’s hand as we play “Frogger” crossing the busy streets. And I’ll get the ‘fresh’ bread. Can’t you smell it? Don’t you love fresh bread, isn’t God cool in wanting that for us, everyday.


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