Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Thursday...


We have been busy this past week, by God's grace, encouraging and equipping our Peruvian friends. We had the opportunity to visit Pastor Tony and his church, Roca Eterna, where we have enjoyed a growing partnership over the past 3 years. We attended 2 cell group meetings and equipped 8 others with evangecubes for reaching their communities. KJ was priviliged to meet with, and be encouraged by, another brother whose ambition to plant churches in Peru is inspiring and humbling.

I have been working in the manner of Titus 2:3-5, instructing the younger women to love their husbands and families by teaching tips on preserving food, cooking, the discipline of children and of course, knitting! I am having a ball doing what I do best, talking, teaching and hanging out with the girls...except here it is ALL in spanish!

We experienced our first earthquake of this visit, although, in all fairness, I can't overdramatize it. KJ, Scarlet and Maverek all slept through it! Also, we are watching closely the growing violence in the Andahualays region. The riots are expanding, and while they are some distance from where we are, they currently have completely shut down access to one of the areas where we are going in 2 weeks.

Current prayer requests: 1) wisdom, safety as we travel 2) today is the 5th day of Scarlet having a head ache 3) I, Jenni, have some on going tummy issues (3+ weeks) that despite high powered Peruvian antibiotics, still are not completely resolved.

Check out the following video clip of Scarlet and Maverek (all throughout the background) at a laser/water show we saw last night! They are having a grand adventure.

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