Saturday, June 6, 2009

LDC starts in Huancayo! PTL!

Today began our very first Leadership Development Conference (LDC). We were astounded and nearly speechless when 55 people showed up to be trained. Speechless is not a good thing when you are the one teaching! We did catch our breath and dove into an amazing day. KJ shared the E3 vision and I taught about methods, purposes and priorities of prayer. Today’s training also included evangelism and making disciples taught by two of our Peruvian brothers, Alexis and Danny. Scarlet and Maverek had the opportunity to be servants and practice their Spanish as the pastor’s wife, who speaks only Spanish, gave them various jobs helping to prepare lunch for all in attendance. Earning a well deserved break after their morning of service, Scarlet and Maverek vegged out watching cartoons in Spanish arguing if the story was about Lazarus or a leper. (Their Spanish still has a way to go.) After naps and showers we are headed out to a late dinner in the main square.

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