Sunday, November 7, 2010

The first 10 days in Thailand have been days of contrasts and extremes

The first 10 days in Thailand have been days of contrasts and extremes. Here are just a few of the things we have…

found: the training center where we will be working, the famous Night Bazaar (several blocks of street vendors selling everything from home d├ęcor to fried bamboo worms) , the “Wal-mart” of Chiang Mai, the emergency room where Jenni was treated for a kidney infection, an English speaking church, a home school group, a home to rent and a scooter to ride.

eaten: traditional Thai food in the night market and traditional happy meals at McDonalds, a variety of exotic fresh fruit smoothies, authentic Indian food and less authentic Pizza Hut. (No, we haven’t gone so far as to try the fried worms yet…perhaps I’ll send an update on that in a few weeks)

seen: God’s hand at work in explicit ways of protection and provision, friends from Woodland Park here in Thailand and friends from Woodland Park on Skype, a baby elephant walking down the street with its trainer, people worshipping devoutly at Buddhist temples, as many as 5 people riding on a moped and more lizards that Maverek can count.

experienced: excitement about the exotic things we are seeing and grief over those we long to see, pulling away from the comforts of our home and pulling into the comfort of one another, public transportation in many various forms, beautiful days of mild temperatures and beautiful people with mild tempers, uncontrollable laughter at fish eating the dead skin off our feet at a “fish spa” and the sometimes overwhelming exhaustion of jet-lag.

Next week we will celebrate KJ’s 40th birthday, hopefully move into our rental home, begin language learning in earnest and navigate the shadowy waters of obtaining visas that will allow us to stay in country, work legally, and have a bank account.

Most fun you can have for 3 bucks.
Stay tuned at for more frequent updates, photos and life with us on the field in Thailand.