Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LDC in Cusco

Ok, Cusco is pretty nice. I’ve always had some idea that it was a big, busy, tourist place and that is true to some extent, but it still has that Andes’ mountain feel. Our time here is short so there won’t be doing any sightseeing but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty cool. They’d call it winter now but it feels like a nice Colorado day to me.
All day today was our LDC here and we had a pretty good showing for this town. 30 pastors and leaders showed up and we had a good conference. I taught prayer, making disciples and multiplying churches. What I’ve learned from the LDC’s in Sullana and Cusco will allow Jenni and me to hold our first one ourselves this Friday and Saturday in Huancayo. More on that later.

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