Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family Camp

During our time in Peru we have enjoyed reconnecting with our favorite church in Lima. Our brothers and sisters at Roca Eterna Community Church have welcomed us warmly whenever we’ve been in Lima. Last week they invited us to join them for their annual family camp so we gladly accepted. The location for the event was Camp Kawai located on the beach 2 hours south of Lima. I teased Jenni that I was taking her back to the place where we were married (actually we were married on the island of Kauai, HI but they pronounce it the same here). During the 3 days we spent time playing games, worshiping and enjoying Peruvian food. It was a wonderful time being together as a family….but sleeping in separate dorms. The girls on one side of the camp, Mav and I on the other. I also, had the opportunity to teach two workshops on evangelism and the benefits of cell group discipleship.

We are also excited to announce that this church will be sending a short-term mission team to go with us to Huancayo next week. Jenni and I will be training them how to work as an all-national team and partner with a church in Huancayo to help start a new church. This is very exciting as our goal is to train nationals how to establish new churches without North Americans!

Please pray for our family, the North American team and all the Peruvians that will be working together next week to spread the Kingdom of the one true God by making disciples all throughout the valley of Huancayo.

P.S. In case you didn’t see our Facebook post, our feet were in a recent Keen ad. Click here to see it!

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