Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Closing a chapter

As we pulled into the airport in Lima where our journey together had begun, I don't think anyone could believe it had been a week already. I guess it may be a glimpse of eternity because when you are in the presence of the Lord time passes quickly and there's no other place you'd rather be. So, I (Kelly) would like to close out this trip with some memories from the team and then I'll share the numbers from the week.

I had the same national with me each day. She was from a town called Pilcomayo and her name was Esmerelda. I have never been around a young believer that was so hungry to learn God’s word and he taught to share the Gospel. Each time I used a scripture while sharing the Gospel she would write it down. She was very eager to share the Evangecube and God used her to bring at least 10 people to Christ. My most memorable moment occurred on Wednesday. I was having an off day. while sharing the Gospel there was two occasions that day when I forgot a scripture that I was trying to use. Esmerelda jumped right in and quoted the verses that I had forgotten because she had memorized them. I had much fun sharing the Gospel this week, but my best memory will be the disciple that I was able to make in Esmerelda. We were able to plant a new church in that area and I can’t wait to come again next year and see how Esmerelda and the church have grown. All glory to God.

Jeff T.

I think my most memorable time was after a soccer game when I was able to share the Gospel with a group of guys we were playing with. Some other curious onlookers came over to listen too. I shared with them then I challenged them that it was a big commitment, and that Jesus asks us to do difficult things so don’t make decisions unless they truly meant it. I asked them to be bold in front of their friends. Three guys indicated that they had chosen to follow Christ. It gave me great joy because they seemed to be genuinely authentic. We talked some more and got them connected with the new church.

Josh L.

It was the middle of the week, and I was teamed up with my translator and a national woman, Lina. We were going door to door sharing our testimonies and the Evangecube. We were going past a bar and met a man named Edgar. At first he seemed like he was a little drunk and he was making comments about wanting to marry one of us. We ended up sitting down and talking with him. He wanted to know how to have the hope we had. I shared the Gospel with him and he told us he wanted us to come to his house and share it with his mother. After spending some time with them they shared that he struggled with drinking but wanted to change. They bothe prayed to receive Christ as their Savior and as they prayed both weeping. The national stood over Edgar and continued to pray, her voice raised till she was almost shouting. Each of us was praying over them and they were crying and even thought I had no idea what anyone else was praying, I could just feel the power of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

Mary K.

My favorite memory on this trip was my follow up visit in Huancayo. I knew ahead of time that I wouldn’t see many of my prior contacts. Most were kids and people off the streets. So I along with my interpreter hit the streets to do more discipleship. While concluding prayer with a young couple a man named Antonio came yelling down the street, “my friend Londa”, it was then that I knew I had made a connection with the people and what I was doing. Gods work touches everyone. Antonio might have been on the street the first day and my chances of finding him were slim. God was accepted into Antonio’s heart and grace brought us back together for an amazing follow up. Thanks be to God.

Laurie J.

On Tuesday evening at the local cell group meeting we encouraged the group to consider that they were the start of a new church. At first they kept saying we need leaders and pastors. Yet after God’s Word was exposed to them and after they did the evangelizing, they began to realize that they could do this. When the light came on in their hearts and they realized they were chosen, what a great joy it was. A new church was born and I was allowed by God to partake of this blessing. May Jesus Christ be praised!

Tim M.

Working with Pastor Louis from one of the new church plants in Huancayo was an amazing and memorable experience! On one of our door-to-door evangelism days Pastor Louis knew exactly where he wanted to go. When we asked the Pastor where we were headed, he boldly expressed that he wanted to go to a specific area to speak to some terrorists! As we walked Pastor Louis informed my translator and me that the areas we were in was once very dangerous. Years ago, he had been a part of a team of 9 missionaries evangelizing in this community. 8 of these team members were killed during the campaign. Pastor Louis was the only survivor from the group. I was in awe to see his passion to return to this area to continue to bring the Good News to the very remnant of a group that murdered his friends.

Julie C.

Well, those are just a few of the stories and the rest we will all recount together in Heaven. As for the numbers, which please understand it is just part of the job, not our focus. This week through door-to-door, on the street, in the markets, in cell group meetings, on the courts and on the fields, we shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with 1675 people. Of those people 806 decided to begin following Christ. Now for some other cool numbers, 391 discipleship/follow-up appointments were completed. Also as a way of continueing the work in Huancayo 83 nationals were trained, 7 churches were started and 2 were strengthened. Please continue to pray for this work.

Nine months of work and prayer has gone into this week and the Lord has blessed our efforts by showing off and bringing fame to His name. So what now? So many more need to hear, is the Lord calling you?

Tomorrow we begin our journey home as we close this chapter of our lives. It will be a happy - sad day as we leave our family and friends here to reunite with our family and friends at home.

May God be gloried in all we do as we continually remind people, that anything good you see in us, comes from above. Thank you for everything.

The Jessens

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