Friday, July 31, 2009

And the blind will see

Well, technically she was not completely blind. More in the category of “I can see people like trees walking around.” And even though we are on a mission trip, I am ashamed to say that praying for healing was not anyone’s first impulse. After all, WE were holding a medical clinic.
So anyway, the woman came for glasses. In reality she needed some pretty powerful bi-focals but due to the set-up and what we have to offer, she had to choose. Glasses to see distance or glasses to read and see close up. Without hesitation, she chose reading glasses. She explained, “I am a Christian, but for many years I have not been able to read the Bible. If I have to choose, I choose to read God’s word.” The eye doctor gave her the strongest reading glasses he had, which improved her vision enough that if she was in direct sunlight, and held the Bible very close she could make out the words. She then went to the spiritual counseling area. As the counselor began to talk to her she felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray for the woman’s eyes. Nothing wild or loud or flashy, just a simple quiet prayer for God to be glorified and the woman to be able to read freely the Word of God. When she opened her eyes, she began to cry. She could see clearly. She could see the donkeys at the far end of the field. She could count the children playing in the shade of a tree 100 yards away. And of course, she could read her Bible. She opened it, she held it close and read, she held it at arms distance and read, the counselor took the Bible 10 feet away and still she read. The woman marched promptly back to the eye clinic and handed her glasses back. “I don’t need these anymore. I can see.”

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