Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Longer in Darkness - John 1:1-12

Today was one of those days when you know that if not a single other person was impacted with the gospel of Christ, this ONE was worth the cost, the effort and the challenges of the whole trip. Today we, (Jenni and Scarlet) were working in “suburb” of Chincha, Peru named Alto Laran. By Peruvian standards it is middle class. The homes are built from concrete, dirt floors and several have running water until 3 p.m. In the central park sat a little old man. By appearance I would have guessed him to be at least 75 years old. But the years have worn heavily on him and in reality he is 58. From under a small blue and white ball cap, bushy black and white hair escaped in every direction, including from his ears and eye brows. His skin a rich leathery brown and back bent from hard long years harvesting mandarins in the fields of Peru. One finger of his left hand was lost too many years back to recall. Rolfino prayed to accept Christ today in that central plaza, but really that is only part of the story. He came an hour later to the cell group meeting and eagerly devoured the first discipleship lesson. Learning how to find chapters and verses in the Bible and upon finding them, soaking them into his very soul as if rain quenching parched ground. As he stood to leave a few silent tears began to slip down his cheeks and he began to explain.
“For many years I have lived alone. My house is dark, I have no light. My house is cold, I have no heat. For many years I have been afraid of the dark, afraid of being alone. At one time, I fell and was alone calling for help for three days. A dog came and slept beside me. Every morning at 5 a.m. I get up and leave my house; I go out into the streets because I am afraid to be alone. Every night I go to bed when it gets dark and I cry because I am afraid. I feed the little dog when I can and leave water for her, but I never know when I leave if she will be there when I return. I have been alone for so long.” He wiped the tears from his darkened skin with the four fingers he had on his crippled left hand and began to sob. “Con alegria, con alegria.” He sobbed openly. “With joy, with joy,” he repeated over and over again. For 58 hard lonely years this man has lived in darkness, this evening for the very first time, he found that he is not alone. He is safely in the hand of the God that loves him so passionately that He died for him. That Jesus Christ is Life, Truth and Light. After a lifetime of living in darkness, he stepped into the Light and wept with did I. Please pray for our brother, Rolfino.

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