Sunday, March 8, 2009

Working on the mainland in the city of Guayaquil

After spending over a week working in the tourist area of the Galapagos, it took a few moments this morning as we adjusted to the way most of this country lives. Today we partnered with an existing church in a very poor part of town. As we arrived at this small church we were greeted by 9 national church members! It was great to see them so excited. Since none of them had ever used the Evangecube, we spent the first hour training them how to use the cube. They were very attentive and learned fast. After many questions and some practice rounds we were off into the streets. I had four nationals with me and after a couple times watching me and another American share, they were ready to give it a try. They did great as all four shared their faith to their community.

After lunch we closed off both sides of the street (well, it was gravel) in front of the church and had a time of playing soccer. Actually I call it tetanus soccer because of all the rusty bars on the windows, sheet metal fences and debris lying around. The game attracted many kids and youth and we were able to share with them.

It was a hot but good day. We equipped a church with tools, trained 9 nationals in evangelism, shared the Good News with 82 people and 44 prayed to receive Christ. As I was leaving I challenged the pastor and his church to continue the work they started today by doing more evangelism. Just as a hammer lying on the floor won’t build a building, evangelism tools won’t save people if they are sitting on a shelf. They need to pray against the misleading teachings of the Jehovah’s Witness’ that are in the area. They will need to also follow up with the new believers and shepherd them in their new walk with Christ.

I will be heading back to the USA tomorrow and arrive back in Colorado Monday morning. Thank you to everyone who battled for this team in prayer.

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