Friday, March 6, 2009

Santa Cruz

It was a smooth ride as we headed back from San Cristobal to the main island of Santa Cruz. Since it was so nice we were able to briefly pull into a bay on one of the uninhabited islands. The bay was clam and crystal clear. As we stood on the bow of the boat looking down we saw many colorful fish, sea lions, birds call Blue boobies because of their bright blue feet, and also a shark cruising the bottom. It was an amazing site and a location I’m sure God hangs out frequently.

After we arrived on the island we quickly got back to work. The church on this island is the mother church of all the work that we’ve been doing. They are the ones sending and supporting the pastors on the other islands. After a couple hours of door-to-door evangelism, we gathered for a sports outreach at a brand new Astroturf soccer field. Many people were interested in playing on the field so we had a large group with a wide age range. The 50 people there were from 5 to 50. It was a neat sight. After two separate soccer matches, depending on age, we found a shaded spot on the field and I shared what Christ did on the cross for us. The response was very positive and 34 gave their life to Christ. Afterwards the pastor was very grateful that we helped to strengthen his church and looked forward to continuing to disciple the new believers.

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