Monday, August 23, 2010

Pray for India

In wrapping up some of the highlights about the new work in India, let me just give all the glory to God for all the great things He has done. Even in the remotest of places He is building His church (Matt 16:18), calling people to Himself. What an incredible privilege to be a part of it. To see men stopping their work in a storefront, gathering around to hear the name of Jesus for the first time. To see them marvel at the Bible in their language as they take their first peek into His story. To see a young man run from that storefront to gather his family, bring them to the road and wait for us to pass by, gladly welcoming us in. To see a man from the Indian army walk out to greet us, buy us a soda then invite us to his home. All ready to hear the Good News. But also glory to God for the times we were rejected for His namesake, homes that closed their doors, the villages that said we were not welcome or the hostile crowd that threatened to beat our national workers. When serving our Lord it’s all good…the bumpy roads, the hard, the hot, the rejection, the rejoicing, the praying, the encouraging, the singing and laughing. All good. All for His glory.
Through your support and prayers, doors were opened for 1607 to hear the true story of Jesus Christ. 363 baby believers are now in the hands of local pastors and leaders. Pray for them as they develop deep roots and learn to obey the commands of Christ. Pray for what God is doing in the state of Assam for the unreached Hindus and Muslims. For the unreached tribals like the Boros, Karbis, Deori, Kocharis and Rabhas. Pray that a church planting movement would sweep through each of these people groups so that, as promised each tribe, tongue and nation will be represented before the throne, all for His glory.

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