Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Am Second in Peru

If you are on the web at all you may have heard of it www.iamsecond.com. Powered by e3 Partners, I am Second is a movement that is impacting lives around the world. Using an innovative marketing campaign promoting iamsecond.com, visitors to the website are presented with inspirational videos and opportunities to learn about a relationship with Christ, grow in their spiritual walk and/or get involved in their local community. The I Am Second Expedition to Peru was about us as North American believers stepping out to take the Gospel to those who are still lost in their sin, encouraging Peruvian believers and putting Jesus first in our lives. Oh the lessons God had in store of us.
During the evening time of sharing stories from the day and during the morning team times, team member after team member came to the realization that they are nothing without Christ. That they can do nothing on their own. That even though they were believers, they still put their wants, their comforts, their plans above Jesus’. During this trip of seeing God move in mighty ways, even INSPITE of them, they realized that they are second, and Jesus is first in their lives.
So in the spirit of I Am Second where personal stories are key, check out this link where you can hear their stories, in their own words at http://sportreach.blogspot.com/.

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