Monday, June 25, 2012

Back on the left side of the road.

Arriving after midnight, I only had a few hours of sleep before I pulled onto the road on my motorcycle.  I kept repeating in my mind...left side, left side, LEFT side.  It is amazing how quickly we can forget things as important as which side of the road to drive on.

The past 5 days here in Thailand have been productive yet brought many mixed emotions.  Being here reenergizes me but it is very strange not having my family with me.  The people I see, the places I eat and the even the smells seem incomplete without our full family here.  It will be sweet when we return in God's timing.  In the meantime, it was great to meet other missionaries who are focusing on the unreached people group of the northern Thai.  I had the opportunity to train 20 evangelists to think beyound sharing the Good News to making disciples and starting new groups.  I visited some of the girls from the Compass 31 project, who are doing very well. Finally, I was able to share the vision and get feedback on a new human trafficking educaitonal tool we are working on developing.  This week has been full of great things and I am priviledge to be a part of it all as God allows these works to move forward even in our absence.

Our absence has actually helped to acheive one of our long term goals of making disciples that then go and make disciples.  During my time here, whenever I did training or visited a village I always took Kam Saen with me.  Little by little, I would have him teach portions of our material after I had modeled it for him a few times. All along, I was encouraging him that he could teach this without me.  Since I have returned to the States something has clicked in his mind, if I'm and not here to teach...he that means he will have to do it.  Exactly!  He is now setting up training for pastors and churches where he will take someone with HIM to watch HIM as he teaches.  It is a huge praise and a start.

My time in Thailand is coming to an end tonight as I head north to join my team in East Asia.  Here is a link to a prayer calender for our time in country and it would be a huge blessing if you would join this team in prayer support.

Thanks so much for keeping our family in your prayers.

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