Sunday, April 25, 2010

Humbly serving our Lord in Thailand

What drew us to e3 Partners was the focus on training nationals, establishing churches and connections to opportunities in unreached areas. Since joining e3 God has graciously continued to grow us, teach us and give us experience on the field in these areas. Immediately upon getting involved, I felt called to the unreached people in Asia but didn’t have a specific people group in mind, however during times of prayer and meditation Thailand kept coming up. In sitting in on the Asia group discussions at the 2009 E3 World Conference, someone suggested that I read Back to Jerusalem (afterword referred to as B2J). Immediately the B2J vision resonated with Jenni and me. Last year the Lord began to put a call on my heart for a longer term stay in Asia and after we returned from 3 months in South America last summer I felt more and more drawn to Chiang Mai, Thailand but for no specific reason. My faithful and loving wife was not prepared to discuss such an assignment so since then I’ve prayed that God would either prepare her heart or remove this burden from mine. Three weeks ago during a trip to China, the Lord did a work on my wife’s heart and she knew that He was confirming this monumental step for our family. With fear and trembling, we prayed and awaited further direction.

The Connection
Two months ago I was, at last minute, pulled into a meeting in Colorado Springs with a Chinese pastor who I had heard of before. His church in East Asia has grown to approximately 20 million members today. This pastor has been imprisoned for years at a time on several occasions, tortured and slandered more than any other Christian leader in China, yet he remains a faithful and humble man of God.
During the meeting, this pastor laid out the vision of B2J and the importance of training Chinese missionaries and developing leaders. He shared of his vision of a project in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My heart jumped as he explained that they were working to develop a training center to train B2J field missionaries who would be sent along the southern Silk Road. When asked, I shared who e3 Partners were and what our mission was. This pastor was immediately interested as he had often trained on the same things that e3 emphasizes. Several weeks later, after reviewing the e3 materials he mentioned he really liked our training material. Upon returning home from a recent trip to East Asia, this pastor contacted us and asked to meet regarding an urgent matter.

The Project
Wednesday, April 7, 2010, Jenni and I met with our Chinese brother and his translator. The pastor shared in more detail his plans for training missionaries outside China including the project in Chiang Mai. His goal is to develop a training center there that would begin with training 20 missionaries, for 3 months, 3 times a year. His ultimate goal is to continue to create these training centers along the Silk Road until 100 to 200,000 Chinese missionaries have been trained and are on their way back to Jerusalem. He asked us if we’d be able to help. We, in return, shared how the Lord has been preparing our hearts. We rejoiced and prayed that God would continue to guide us in next steps.

The Proposal

Jenni and I have been assigned by e3 Partners to partner with Back to Jerusalem for two years in Chiang Mai, Thailand with the following goals in mind:
* Help to develop B2J missionary training
* We would teach various courses
* Coordinate other teachers in various topics
*Assign and/or lead B2J missionaries in on the job training (i.e. short term mission trips) to the Chinese refuges in northern Thailand with the goal of establishing churches and raising up more workers to be trained
* Help to develop a training center prototype that could be reproduced by national leaders along the Silk Road
* Be available to receive short-term mission teams in Thailand and other East/Southeast Asian countries


If you are like ourselves you may be asking, why the Jessens? That has continued to run through our minds many times over the past few weeks. As we have confronted this question and our own inadequacies with tears and prayer, the only thing in which we can boast is in our weakness. We don’t have the most experience, we are not the best teachers or trainers, we are not the best missionaries. But we are willing. We are willing to give God our small offering of loaves and fish and wait to watch Him do great things. What we do know is that Jenni is a prayer warrior. I have the gift of administration. We are faithful and obedient and feel God is leading our family in this direction and look forward to seeing God use our inadequacies for His opportunities. We are excited to be involved in laying the foundation for equipping national missionaries to reach the lost between China and Jerusalem and be a part of Christ establishing His church for His fame and glory.

For His Glory, The Jessens

How can we help you get to Thailand?
We are so glad you asked!

We need prayer as there is lots to do to move the other side of the world. Prayer for unity and collaboration in developing a training center. For health and protection for our family. To be on our newsletter/prayer list you can email to receive our updates.

Would you be willing to pray about a one-time gift to help us get to the field in Thailand?

God has so clearly led throughout this process, with things dramatically falling into place on after another. We have no doubt that He has arranged for the necessary funds to be provided as well. If God is putting into your heart giving toward our transition to Thailand, for setting up a home, training, a new laptop, supplies and other necessities, then feel free to head on over to to find out how to partner with us on this amazing journey.

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