Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 27 - What road will he travel?

Back at sports, back out in the heat, back with rowdy kids. Oh, my goodness we had 150 very active kids. Both girls and boys were so excited we were there they just couldn’t contain themselves. One boy in particular was Julio. I could tell other coaches were having troubles with him as well and making matters worse. At 13 he was setting the tone and example for the rest of the kids. He was bouncing between sports, cutting in line, shouting and not listening. When he came to my sport I watched him very closely and could tell the others looked up to him. He had natural leadership skills even at the age of 13. When it came time to teach the kids about Jesus, my translator and I pulled Julio aside to share with him individually. We talked about his behavior which led into other discussions about sin and how we’ve all done it. Continuing to talk with him we related the story of Jesus paying the penalty of our sin, about what repentance was and how the Bible was God’s letter to us and how he wanted us to live. He was still, he was attentive, he was sorry. Then the Lord prompted him and Julio quietly, far from the other kids prayed to be friend of Jesus. Afterwards we snuck him in to the medical clinic through a side door so the doctors could look at the sty in his eye. We gathered his home information and introduced him to one of the men at the church. Lastly, I sat him and gave him the gift of God’s Word. I told him the natural leadership skills God had given him could be used to lead people down a good or bad road. I asked him do you know what you class needs, do you know what your country needs, do you know what this world needs more of?... Good men. If he reads God’s word it would it would instruct him how to be like Christ and how to lead people down the good and narrow path. He tucked the Bible in his backpack, we high-fived, he walked home. I know I won’t see him again till Heaven but I expect to hear good things from him when we meet again.

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